Byron Fire Station
Byron Fire Station

About Us

"This is the official Web site of the Byron Fire Protection District"

Welcome to the Byron Fire Protection District’s website! Our duty is to provide the community with outstanding service aimed to safeguard our citizens and visitors, as well as their property. The Byron Fire Department strives to deliver high quality paramedic and rescue, fire suppression, fire prevention and public safety education services. 

The Byron Fire District was formed in 1956.  The District covers 55 square miles and serves a population of about 11,500 people, which includes the city limits of Byron.  A Fire Protection Class of four (4) in the City and ten (10) in the rural area served by the District makes for the lowest fire insurance rates in Ogle County, and one of the lowest in Northern Illinois.

In recent years, the fire service has been challenged with emergency medical services, fire related incidents, water rescue, hazardous materials, and all aspects of technical rescue. The Byron Fire Department will continue and stay focused on its main goal of protecting life and property. Training our personnel to meet these challenges will continue to be a high priority.

The Fire District employs a Chief, 3 Deputy Chief’s, 3 Full-Time Shift Officers, 6 Full-Time Firefighters, 31 Part-time Firefighters, an Administrative Assistant, an Accounting Manager and a Administrative Assistant / Paramedic. 1 Full-Time Deputy Chief, 1 Full-Time Shift Officer and 3 Full-Time Firefighters work a 24-on/48-off hour shift with 3 additional Part-time Firefighters working  from 5p.m. to 7a.m. each day.    Byron Fire Protection District operates 2 Engines, a Heavy Rescue, 95’ mid-mount Aerial,  Pumper/Tender, 2 ALS Ambulances, Grass Rig, a Special Incident Unit and a  Rescue Boat.  Byron Fire Protection District is also in charge of storing the MABAS Division 18 Technical Rescue Trailers.

We hope that you find the information on our website to be interesting and helpful! Any questions, concerns and, of course, compliments regarding the fire department. Please feel free to contact the station by calling 1-815-234-4911.


What do the Siren's Mean?


Monthly Test of the Emergency Siren

First Tuesday of each month at 10 AM  -  Steady Tone is for testing purposes

Steady Tone at Other Times:  Denotes major emergency situation

Up and down Tone:  Severe Weather alert

Residents should tune to local TV/Radio Stations for Information

Rock River
Rock River

History of Community

The City of Byron was incorporated in 1878, although the town officially commemorates its founding in 1835, the year in which Jared Sanford stopped to stake a claim on his way to Midway (now Rockford). 

Byron is a historic city and quaint tourist destination which is showcased by the beautiful Rock River.  Byron boasts a wonderful natural setting with numerous recreational venues, such as the Byron Forest Preserve, Byron Park District and the Byron Museum of history. 

The population is 3,753 within city limits (per 2010 Census), and 11,259 in the Greater Byron Area. 

Community Profile

Byron at a Glance

County:  Ogle

Townships:  Byron, Marion and Rockvale

Area Churches:  Thirteen

Schools:  Two preschools, one elementary, one middle school and one high school

Area Colleges / Universities:  Four

Police Department:  One Station - Chief of Police, two Sergeants and four Patrol Officers

Post Office:  Once Branch, zip code 61010

Government:  Elected Mayor and City Council

Utilities:  NICOR Gas, Commonwealth Edison, Comcast and Frontier

Water Supply:  Three municipal wells

Parks: Blackhawk Meadows Park, Byron Forest Preserve, Hamas Memorial Park, Sunshine Park and Tiger Town Park

Golf Course:  Prairie View Golf Club